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    Its not true that the Rwandan people are enjoying or even benefiting from the so called prosperity. What you have in Rwanda today, is a people living in total hopelessness that has been imposed on them by their government.

    The hopelessness in Rwanda is a reality

    The Rwanda government and its propagandist continue to feed the media with ridiculous developmental figures. The job market and other opportunities are not open to the majority of Rwandans. The opportunities are only for a group of people that have no interest in the prosperity of Rwanda as a nation. The hopelessness in Rwanda can be seen among all age groups of Rwandans.

    The reality in Rwanda

    The main cause of hopelessness in Rwanda today can be blamed on greed and selfishness by the leadership. The income gap between the have and have not is the widest in the world. As long as the country is under a capitalistic system, the opposition is no different as they’re all capitalist. The only model that can eradicate the misery and hopelessness in Rwanda is a socialist one.


    Central bank governor John Rwangombwa has urged local SMEs and other firms, as well as SACCOs and individuals to invest in government bonds, saying they give a good return on investment.

    Rwangombwa, who was commenting on the successful issuance of Rwf15 billion five-year Treasury bond on August 24, said the growing appetite for TBs among investors shows confidence in the local economy.

    The bond, which has been oversubscribed by 139 per cent, was dominated by institutional investors, taking 71.3 per cent of the allocations compared to 50.3 per cent in May.

    Retail investors (individuals and SACCOs) dropped to 3.9 per cent from 14.61 per cent and banks got 24.8 per cent, down from 35 per cent in May.

    Out of the 67 applications received, retailers accounted for 49 orders, of which 37 were from individuals, nine from Umurenge SACCOs and three private companies. This is the best performance so far this year; the bond issued in May was oversubscribed by 215.5 per cent, while that the Rwf15 billion bond issued in February got a subscription rate of 226 per cent.

    The central bank chief attributed the success of the current TB issuance to the ongoing public awareness campaigns across the country aimed at educating the population about the benefit of saving and investing in Treasury bonds.

    The bond is part of government quarterly issuance programme that aims at raising money to fund the infrastructure projects and support the local capital market.

    “We are happy that more investors, especially retail and institutional participants, are increasingly attracted and confident to invest in Treasury bonds and support our efforts,” Rwangombwa said in an interview yesterday.

    The next bond issuance for this year is expected on November 21, according to the central bank statement. The bond issued on August 24 will be listed on Rwanda Stock Exchange on Tuesday, August 30. Its coupon is 12.25 per cent and was arrived through a book-building. The TB’s redemption date is 20/08/2021.


    What is going on in Rwanda disguised as a bond market, is the biggest con of all time

    The biggest con that the Rwanda regime has used on its people is the so called Bonds. The Bond market today is like a casino were the government takes the savings of Rwandans to be gambled by crooks that are only answerable to Paul Kagame and not the people of Rwanda.

    The hopelessness of Rwandans is not about to end very soon as long as the thieves are still around. The heartless thieving class and their foreign friends will continue to rob our people left and right.


    Figures from the Ministry of Agriculture show that Rwanda imports more sugar and cereals than it exports

    Rwanda spends about $200 million on food imports every year, according to the State Minister for Agriculture, Tony Nsanganira.

    Speaking yesterday, Nsanganira said the country’s expenditure on food imports “unfortunately keeps increasing, but we are working hard to see these figures reduce.”

    “We mostly import processed food because our industries are yet to provide all that we need. We still have to import and we spend some millions on those food commodities such as sugar, wheat, rice … which cost us in a range of about $150 million to $200 million annually,” Nsanganira said.

    The 2015 food security and vulnerability report released by the ministry indicates that formal trade of cereals showed a “negative” trade balance in both 2013 and 2014.

    The balance was about -268,000 metric tonnes in 2014. The total production of cereals in Rwanda in 2014 was about 583000 metric tonnes.

    This year’s TICAD summit will also see the launch of Japan’s Initiative for Food and Nutrition Security in Africa, which will establish a framework for African countries to collaborate to improve their nutrition status.

    In 2014, the top three importers of cereals were Bakhresa Grain Milling, Pembe Flour Mills and the ministry. The first two are active in agro-processing, while the latter focuses on whole grains and rebuilding the national strategic grain reserve among other priorities.

    “We are closely working with the ministry of trade and industry to see how our industries can get raw materials and increase food productivity. We have also set up a second sugar factory to increase sugar production to 100,000 metric tonnes, which will make us self-sufficient starting 2018,” the minister said.

    He described as “very unfortunate” that the country still imports rice, after seeing the heavy investment the government has invested in rice production.

    But still, our goal is to be self-sufficient in rice production by 2018, he added.

    However, Nsanganira admitted that it is “still difficult” for Rwanda to have sufficient wheat production, “because it is not the major food crop, so it competes with other staple crops such as beans, maize and cassava. But for the long term, we are working on land availability for wheat, which will take a long time.”


    I feel very sorry for Rwandans that continue to worship Criminal paul kagame. These people washed, cleaned, protected and fed paul Kagame and his children. But he betrayed them. This is what Kagame does to everyone. Then you have the little waste of space in Rwanda called Intore that thinks they know it all.


    System ni fair. Ari intore, ibigarasha n’interahamwe, system byose irashya itanzitse.

    Nari nabanje kugirango ni njye njyenyine, ariko nabajije n’abandi benshi nsanga niko bimeze mu butaka.

    Maze gutanga Frw 150 000 ku cyangombwa cy’ubutaka kiguze 15000 mu gihe ubutaka butarenze 2000000.

    Sindakibona hashize amezi 3.

    Ruswa ntiyemewe. Kuyakira byo igihembo ni ukuyirya ntibakurege na service ntuyibone.

    Kandi ni ukubuhungisha tubuha abafite ijambo bo wenda babumarana kabiri. Kuko njye nabonye ntabwubakamo nubwo ari ubw’umuryango.

    Ikintu gishekeje, ni uko nyir’ukuhashaka iyo umubwiye gukoresha ingufu mu gihe icyangombwa kidatanzwe mu mahoro yemera. Ni ukuvuga system ishobora kwirwanya.

    Nzaba mbarirwa. Wa mugani ni agatogo.


    Hari abantu bikundira kunenga gusa no kumva inkuru mbi.

    Ibyo ndabizi kandi njye simbikunda. Nenga cya kintu gikabije.

    Ntawushobora kumva nenze imitegekere yo muri Tanzania. Ngo ishyaka ryagize igihugu ingwate andi ntakora.

    Ni byiza kuko muri ryo ntibagundira ubutegetsi kandi bari mu kuri kuko 100% barwanya mondialisation ya capitalism.

    Udakoze utyo ntuba ufite ubumuntu.

    Andi makosa arihanganirwa.


    Ibibazo bikomeje kuba byinshi mu banya Kigali nyuma yuko Jeannette Nyiramongi Kagame atagaragaye mu mihango yo kwakira Perezida wa Benin ubu uri mu ruzindiko rw’akazi mu Rwanda. Muri iyo mihango hagaragaye Louise Mushikiwabo yicaye iruhande rwa Kagame! Ibintu bishobora kuba bikomeye mu gihe abanyarwanda bakomeje kwibaza byinshi?

    Ese ibi byaba ari gihamya ko m’Urugwiro bicika? Ese kuki m’ Urugwiro ntacyo babwira abanyarwanda? Ese kuki ibinyamakuru byose mu Rwanda byicecekeye? Na cya kindi ngo ni Rushyashya kirirwa cyandika gisebya abantu bari hanze cyararuciye kirarumira. Njye ikigaragara nuko uyu muhango wo kwakira uyu mu perezida wo muri Benin wari muto ukurikije n’iyindi kandi wabonanga abantu bakonje! Bagiye no kubyica bakoresha amabara y’umukara!

    Gasana Eugene Richard yagambaniwe na The Five, si umuryango wa Rushema.
    Agatsiko muriro k’abiyise “The Five” (Batanu) mu kugambanira Gasana Eugene bitwaje ugufungwa kwa Capt. Rushema. Amakuru aturuka k’umukozi w’ambasade y’u Rwanda muri Leta Zunze Ubumwe z’Amerika (izina ntiritangwa kubera umutekano we); arahamya ko amakuru nyayo y’inkuru yasohotse ivuga k’umwana wa Ambasaderi muri Loni Gasana Eugene Richard yabyaranye n’umufasha wa Perezida Paul Kagame; Nyiramongi Jeanette; yasohowe hanze n’agatsiko kari kuzamuka cyane gashaka imbaraga muri leta ya Kigali ngo kabashe kwigwizaho imitungo.
    Ako gatsiko ngo kiyise akazina ka Batanu “The Five” kagizwe na Minisitiri  LOUISE MUSHIKIWABO, Ambasaderi OLIVIER NDUHUNGIREHE (twabwiwe ndetse ko ari umugabo rwihishwa wa Mushikiwabo Louise), Ambasaderi MATHILDE MUKANTABANA, Abacuruzi bava inda imwe bitwa DAMASCENE na ALEXIS bakorera cyane muri Angola (bavugwaho gufatanya ubucuruzi na Yvan Cyomoro, imfura ya Perezida Kagame).

    “The Five” ngo ikaba yari ibangamiwe cyane n’ikipe ya Gasana Eugene, dore ko uyu Gasana yavugaga rikijyana haba mu kazi ndetse no mu rugo rwa Perezida.
    Uburyo bwari bwarabuze bwo kugambanira Gasana Eugene Richard kugeza ubwo babonye ko mubyara wa Kagame ariwe Retired Captain Rushema afunzwe vuba aha azira kuvuga imyitwarire idahwitse y’ubujura n’ubusambanyi bwa hato na hato bw’ Umufasha wa Perezida Kagame, Nyiramongi Jeannette; “The Five” rero niko gutekereza gusohora inkuru y’ibanga ryari ryarabitswe n’imiryango yombi ku ibyarwa ry’umwana wa gatatu wa Nyiramongi, wabyawe igihe umugabo we yari ku rugamba rw’Inkotanyi, inda igaterwa na Gasana Eugene Richard wari uhagarariye FPR mu Budage, ubwo Nyiramongi yari yagiye kumusura mu Budage. “The Five” bakoze ibishoboka babicishije mu nshuti bakwiza igihuha ko ari abavandimwe ba Captain Rushema basohoye ibanga kuko barakajwe n’uko babafungiye umuvandimwe Rushema.
    Uyu mukozi watubwiye aya makuru, arakomeza atubwira ko abagize “The Five” banyoye Champagne bamenye ko Ambasaderi Gasana Eugene Richard yirukanwe ku mirimo. Ngo ibyishimo ni byose muri bo kuko bizeye neza ko bagiye kugira ingufu mu gucunga amafaranga y’umuryango wa Perezida ari nako nabo bazabikiriramo. Ngo igikomeye bizeye ni uko igihe Perezida Kagame yavaho baba bose bibereye mu mahanga bityo bikaba byaborohera kuzagumana iyo mitungo.

    Umutanga-makuru arakomeza asaba Perezida Kagame kumenya ko Abavandimwe ba Rushema barengana, ko ahubwo ibanga ryamenwe na “The Five” barimo kototera umuryango n’imitungo ye bamubeshya ngo baramushyigikiye!!


    Umunyamakuru John Ndabarasa amaze ibyumweru 3 aburiwe irengero. Urwego rw’Abanyamakuru Bigenzura (RMC) ruravuga ko umuryango w’umunyamakuru John Ndabarasa wayoboraga Sana Radio warumenyesheje ko babuze umuntu wabo, bakamushaka bagaheba.

    Umunyamabanga Nshingwabikorwa wa RMC, Mugisha Emmanuel, kuwa 26 Kanama 2016, yabwiye ko iki kibazo RMC yakimenyesheje urwego rwa polisi rushinzwe kugenza ibyaha (CID).
    Mugisha avuga ko CID yabasabye gusobanura icyo kibazo mu nyandiko, bakaba bari kubikora.

    Ati “Twarabimenye tubimenyesha polisi muri CID batubwira ko ari amakuru mashyashya bumvise, y’uko bagiye gukora iperereza ariko ko tugomba gukora a formal request (kubisaba mu nyandiko), ni byo twarimo n’umwe mu bagize umuryango wa Ndabarasa waduhaye ayo makuru kugira ngo badufashe kubikurikirana…”

    Ntiturabasha kuvugana n’abo mu muryango wa Ndabarasa.

    SP Ndushabandi Jean Marie Vianney ukora mu biro by’umuvugizi wa Polisi ku rwego rw’Igihugu yabwiye ko umuryango wa Ndabarasa ugomba kugeza iki kibazo kuri sitasiyo ya polisi iwegereye.

    Ati “Ababyeyi be se cyangwa umuryango we bajye gutanga ikirego kuri sitasiyo ya polisi ibegereye, kugira ngo hakorwe iperereza, ashakishwe. Ubundi iyo ari umuntu wabuze mu muryango tutitaye ku cyo yaba akora umuryango we ujya gutanga ikirego kuri polisi.”

    Kagame Manzi Justin wahawe kuyobora Sana Radio nyuma y’aho Ndabarasa aburiwe irengero, aravuga ko aheruka kumuca iryera kuwa 7 Kanama 2016, bakaba barabuze aho bamushakira kuva icyo gihe.

    Avuga ko ubusanzwe bakoranaga ikiganiro cya mu gitondo. Tariki 8 yaje mu kiganiro abura Ndabarasa, agikora wenyine, bukeye Ndabarasa amuhamagara amusaba kumusanga kwa Rubangura ngo aramukeneye mu buryo bwihutirwa.

    Manzi yabwiye ko atashoboye gusanga Ndabarasa kwa Rubangura kubera akazi kenshi yari afite, bapanga ko baza kubonana nimugoroba, nimugoroba yakira ubutumwa bwa Ndabarasa amumenyesha ko yagiye i Kampala.

    Avuga ko kuva icyo gihe atabasha kumubona no kuri telefoni, akaba yibaza impamvu atagarutse nk’ejo kandi yari yamubwiye muri ubwo butumwa ko agaruka bukeye.

    Abo mu muryango wa Ndabarasa ngo bamubaza aho ari akabura icyo abasubiza, kuko Ndabarasa ngo yari yarababwiye ko nibajya bamubura bajya babaza Manzi kuko yari inshuti ye ya hafi cyane.


    Polisi y’u Rwanda yashimangiye ko idashobora gukoresha inyundo mu kwica ‘inshishi’. Mu nteko rusange y’Umujyi wa Kigali, inzego zishinzwe umutekano zagaragaje ko nta mwanya uhungabanya umutekano w’u Rwanda afite ndetse ko kubarwanya bisa no kurwanya inshishi.

    Umwe mu bayobozi b’umudugudu agaragaza impungenge batewe no kuba hari abana b’Abanyarwanda batangiye kwishora mu bikorwa by’iterabwoba, yasabye ko mu rwego rwo guca intege abatekereza ibi bikorwa uwajya afatirwa muri ibi bikorwa yajya ahita araswa kugira ngo bibere isomo abandi batekereza kubikora.
    Gusa ariko uhagarariye polisi mu Mujyi wa Kigali yamaganiye kure iki gitekerezo avuga ko utajya kwica urushishi ngo urukubite inyundo kandi ushobora kurukandagira rugapfa.

    Yongeyeho ko amasasu ahenda bityo ko nta mpamvu yo kuyapfusha ubusa bayakoresha n’aho bidakenewe kuko bitarananirana.

    ACP Rangira Bosco yagize ati “Ntabwo birananirana, amasasu ngira ngo murabizi ko ahenda akora iyo byananiranye, hari inzira nyinshi…Urushishi ushobora kurukubita inyundo, ushobora kurusyonyora, ushobora kurukubita igiti…rero dukoreshe inyundo ku rushishi? Ndabizeza ko kiriya kibazo kitazamara kabiri…Amasasu akora iyo bibaye ngombwa ntabwo ari ugupfa kuyatumura ku nshishi, nidufatanya bariya biyita ibyo batari byo tuzabashobora, ariko iby’amasasu ntabwo biraba ngombwa!”

    ACP Rangira avuga ko ubuyobozi kuva ku rwego rwo hasi ari abafatanyabikorwa bakwiye guhagurukira iki kibazo bakagira imyumvire imwe n’inzego z’umutekano bityo umutekano muke ugahinduka amateka.

    Ibi kandi byagarutsweho na Brig Gen Rutayiha Dennis uyobora ingabo mu Mujyi wa Kigali aho avuga ko iki kibazo cy’intagondwa n’ubwo ari ikibazo cyugarije Isi, kimaze iminsi mike kivugwa mu Rwanda.

    Akomeza avuga ko intera bigezeho ku isi mu Rwanda bitarayigeraho ariko bisa nk’aho abishora muri ibi bikorwa bari mu nzira zo gutegura abashobora kuzagera ku rwego rwo kwituritsa nk’ahandi ku isi.

    Ati “Ni ikibazo kitaramara iminsi mu Rwanda kivugwa, ariko ku Isi murabyumva abaturikana ibisasu ahahurira abantu benshi, mwumva abica abantu mu buryo butandukanye, ariko biriya bagiye kubigeraho barabanje gutegura bagashaka abayoboke babyumva kimwe bakabigisha bakabahindura mu myumvire. Mu Rwanda rero dushobora kuba tutaragera kuri iyo ntera yo kwituritsa no kwica abantu ku bwinshi ariko birasa nk’aho barimo kugerageza uburyo babona abayoboke.”

    Avuga ko abashaka gukora ibikorwa by’ubwihebe bamaze iminsi bashakisha abayoboke hano mu Rwanda ariko bahereye ku bo bita abayisilamu ariko ngo bakaba bafite na gahunda ndende yo guhindura abatari abayisilamu bakabahindura bo, bagendera ku myumvire y’ubutagondwa bagamije kurwana intambara bita ntagatifu.

    Ati “Hano mu Rwanda hari abo twagiye tubona babigerageza bakavuga yuko kuri bo imyemerere nk’iyo ibajyana mu ijuru kandi undi muntu utemera nka bo atagomba kubaho, ikiza ni uko bataragira abayoboke benshi ariko barimo kubigerageza, baraza bakabwira umuntu bati ‘mu bayisilamu hariyo amafaranga tuguhindure’, uwo bakamuhindura, abandi bakabashyira mu mazu bagatangira kubigisha korani itandukanye n’iyo tuzi cyane bashakisha abayoboke mu rubyiruko.


    Paul Kagame ukuntu ateye, ni umuntu, w’umwirasi, wiyemera, ukoresha iterabwoba.

    Iyo ibibazo by’urugo birushije uburemere iby’igihugu, amaraso y’inzirakarengane arahamenekera .
    Mbese P.Kagame azasubirana n’uwo bari barashakanye Jeannette Nyiramungi Kagame ?

    Ndabizi benshi muri mwe, muri bwibaze impanvu Mwalimu noneho yemeye gukora isesengura ku bibazo birebana n’urugo rwa Kagame, mu gihe Mwalimu yari yaravuze ko ibyo bibazo bitagombye gushyirwa ku murongo w’ibibazo ubu abanyarwanda bahanganye nabyo.
    Abantu barenze kure igihumbi (1000…..) banyandikiye bansaba gusesengura kiriya kibazo.
    Nibyo koko nari narahunze kuriya kibazo, kubera ukuntu njye ubusanzwe nkunze gushyigikira Jeannette Kagame mu bikorwa bye byose by’amajyambere akorera abana babakobwa.
    Ibi mbihera ko njye Mwalimu, nawe tuziranye mbere yuko anacyeka ko azamenyana na Paul kagame.
    Njye namenyanye ne Jeannette kagame guhera muri 1983 kugeza 1989.
    Namenyanye na Jeannette bivuye kuri se umubyara umusaza witwa Murefu, nakundaga cyane nawe akankundira ukuntu namuganiriraga ibya Politique y’u Rwanda n’uburundi.
    Hagati ya 1983 kugeza 1989 jeannette yabaga mu Rwanda iremera cyangwa Ibujumbura ahitwa mu Ngagara.
    Mu rwanda yaratuye ahitwa iremera, kuko ariho ise umubyara yari yarakodesheje inzu yo kubamo, iyo nzu akaba yari iyuwitwa Paul Bisengimana, wigeze kuba Bourgemestre wa Komine Gikoro, uyu Paul Bisengimana akaba yarafunzwe nurukiko mpuzamahanga rwa Arusha.
    Umusaza Murefu, izindi mpunzi z’abatutsi zabaga mu Burundi nti zamukundaga kuko bacyekaga ko yari icyitso cya cy’ubutegetsi bwa Habyarimana.
    Bamushinjaga ko akora akazi ko kuneka abatutsi bo hanze maze agashyira ubutegetsi bwa Habyarimana amakuru, kandi koko byaribyo, niko byari bimeze.
    Niyo mpanvu yanemerewe gutaha mu Rwanda, ndetse agahabwa icyubahiro cyo gukodesha hotel yitwa Eden Garden yari iruhande rw’ iduka rya Trafipro T-2000.
    Nyiri iyo hotel akaba yitwa Matayo Ngirumpatse nawe wafunzwe n’urukiko mpuzamahanga.
    Njye rero namanje kumenyana na Murefu, ariwe Ubyara Jeannette Nyiramongi, noneho uko nakomezaga kujya gusura murefu, iwe, iremera aho yaratuye, kimwe no kuri hotel ye, bituma ndushaho kumenyana n’umukobwa we Jeannette Kagame.
    Jeannette yaritodaga cyane, umukobwa uvuga amagambo macye cyane, mbese uko njye namubonye, uko namumenye, yari intanga rugero rwose.
    Ubwitonzi bwe bwahitaga bugaragara, buherekejwe no kuvuga macye.
    Byanatumye, iyo najyaga iburundi, ibujumbura muli weekend zanjye, byanze bikunze najyaga mu Ngagara, kuba namusuhuza, mbere yuko nkomereza kubyabaga byanzinduye.
    Reka twigarukire ku byatuinduye :
    Ubwo umutwe w’inkotanyi wari umuze gushingwa, umaze kwiyemeza kuzatera u Rwanda, nibwo abatutsi bakomeye bagiriye inama Paul Kagame ko agomba guhita arongora, kuko we na Rwigema nibo bari kumurongo wabagombaga kuyobora urugamba rwo gutaba mu gihugu cyabo.
    Fred Rwigema, nawe ufite umugore witwa Jeannette Rwigema niwe wakoze akazi gakomeye ko kubera Paul kagame umuranga.
    Nibwo Fred Rwigema asabye mugore we , kurangira Kagame umukobwa mwiza kandi ukwiye w’umunyarwandakazi, ukomoka mu mpunzi z’iburundi, kugira ngo bamushyingire Paul kagame.
    Nibwo Jeannette Rwigema ahise arangira Paul kagame mucuti we witwa Jeannette Nyiramongi .
    Aba ba Jeannette bombi, bari inshuti magara, barakuranye, bariganye, babanye mu Ngagara , kandi basangiye ibyiza byinshi, ndetse babababazwa n’ibibazo by’ubuhunzi kimwe kuvuka no gukurira mu bihugu ababyeyi bahungiyemo.
    Hagati yo kumenyana kwa Paul kagame na Jeannette no kurongora byarihuse cyane kuko nta na mezi atandatu 6 byamaze, maze ubukwe buhita butaha.
    Jeannette Nyiramongi yabwiye ise umubyara, ko yabonye fiance kandi ko yemeye gushyingirwa, nibwo umusaza bamubwiye ko uzarongora umukobwa we ari umututsi w’impunzi ushinzwe iperereza mu ngabo za Museveni, kandi uzaba mu buyobozi bukuru bwabasirikare bazatera u Rwanda .
    Ibyo rero bituma Murefu, yisanga agomba guhita ava mu Rwanda kubera umutekano we, kuko atashoboraga ku haguma mu gihe inkotanyi zirimo umukwe we zateye u Rwanda.
    Mu guhunga, cyangwa gutoroka rero, nta muntu n’umwe wo mu Rwanda Murefu yasezeyeho kandi birunvikana, ahubwo yagiye atanarishye inzu yabagamo, kugeza uyu munsi Paul Bisengimana ntiyigeze ahabwa amafranga yubukode bwinzu ye.
    Bimeze bite kwa Paul kagame ?
    Mu maze iminsi mukurikira ibibazo by’urugo biri hagati ya Kagame n’umugore we, byerekeranye n’umwana Jeannette yaba rarabyahe hanze ? Umwana atabyaranye n’ umugabowe wisezerano.
    Reka mbitangaho ibisubizo mu buryo bugufi.
    1. Nibyo koko Jeannette Kagame ubu yarahukanye.
    2. Nibyo koko Jeannette kagame ashobora kuba yabyaye umwana utari uwa kagame.
    3. Nibyo koko Gasana washyizwe mu majwi ko ariwe wabyaranye na Jeannette kagame ubu yarahunze .
    4. Nibyo koko kiriya kibazo cyakuruye ibibazo bikomeye mu muryango wa kagame, hagati ya kagame n’umugore we, kimwe no hagati y’abana.
    5. Nibyo koko urya mwana uvugwa ko atari uwa kagame, ubi niwe ukeneye ubufasha kurusha abandi, kuko yagize ihungabana rikomeye .
    Nizihe ngaruka kiriya kibazo cyakururiye abanyarwanda ?

    Paul Kagame ukuntu ateye, ni umuntu, w’umwirasi, wiyemera, ukoresha iterabwoba, utajya yemera gushyikirana na rimwe , cyangwa ngo yemere kugirwa inama.
    Paul kagame ni umuntu wikunda kurusha abandi , nubwo natwe twikunda , ariko we urukundo yikunda ni rwo rutuma yica inzirakarenagne nyinshi.
    Uwari umuganga wihariye wa Paul kagame, Dr. Gasagure yigeze kugira inama Paul Kagame yerekeranye n’indwara yasanganye uwo muryango , ikaba yaragombaga kwitabwaho bidasanzwe, akimara kuvuga iryo jambo, yaraye yishwe.
    Kiriya kibazo abanyarwanda bose kizabagiraho ingaruka mu gihe cyose Paul kagame akiri perezida.
    Umugabo wese , iyo adafite amahoro mu rugo, ibyo bigira ingaruka zitabarika ku mikorere yakazi ko hanze uwo mugabo ashinzwe.
    Umugabo ufitanye ibibazo by’ubwunvikane bucye, n’umugore we, aho yajya hose, ibyo yakora byose mu gihe umutima we udatuje, nta kintu kizima ashobora gukora.
    Ntakintu kizima yakwigezaho, nta nicyo yageza kubandi.
    Ubu ikiranga Paul kagame ni umujinya, agahinda, n’inyota yo kwihorera ku mugabo wamusuzuguye akamubyarira murugo rwe.
    Mbese Paul kagame azasubirana na Jeannette Kagame ?
    Igisubizo cyanjye ni oya.
    Paul kagame ntabwo ari wa mugabo ushobora gusubirana n’umugore wamusuzuguye, akamubyariraho umwana utari uwe.
    Wenda byari kurutaho iyo aba yarabyaye urya mwana mbere yuko arongorwa na kagame , ariko ntaze kumubyara mu gihe yageze mu rugo kwa Paul Kagame.
    Ikizabaho wenda, nabwo habaye igitangaza, nuko baba mu mazu atandukanye cyangwa mu byumba bitandukanye , no mu buzima butandukanye bwabashanye.
    Paul Kagame ashobora guhitamo kwiberaho wenyine, ntazashake undi mugore maze akita gusa ku bibazo by’igihugu, ni bibazo byabandi bana bo Nyiramongi yabyaranye nawe.
    Njye ntabwo mbona ukuntu umuntu nka kagame yakongera kugira ubusabane na Jeannette Kagame, nyuma ya Kiriya gisebo.
    Sibanoba ukuntu Jeannette azongera gufata ijambo imbere y’abana b’abakobwa ngo arabigisha ubupfura no kwitwararika.
    Si ubwambere igisebo gisa nka kiriya kibaho mu ma teka y’urwanda:
    Umwami Rwabugiri ( Sezizoni ) yishe nyina Murorunkwere umukobwa wa Mitari wo mubwoko bwaba kono, amuziza igisebo cyo kuba yarasambanye n’umugaragu wo mu bwoko bwabahutu witwa Seruteganya, ndetse ngo amutera inda.
    Nyuma, amaze kwica nyina; yaje gusanga ibyari byaravuzwe kuri nyina ari ibinyoma byacuzwe na Nkoronko wakagombye kuba ariwe se nyirizina wa Rwabugiri, kubera ugufuha kwa Nkoronko, umujinya , nagahinda yarafite , agahitamo kubeshyera umwami kazi ko yatwise inda y’insambanano, ibi bintu bimaze kumenyakana , ko Rwabugiri yishe nyina amuziza ubusa, amuziza kuba yarabeshyewe, Rwabugiri yahisemo gutsemba umuryango wa bene wabo wa nyina bose; bari baramubesheye, atsemba ise umubyara ariwe Nkoronko, atsemba abagore be batatu , bavukanaga kandi ari bisengeneza ba Nyina .
    Kuba rero icyo gisebo aricyo twibukiraho intambara cyangwa invuru zitiriwe ubwicanyi bwi’ mbirima na matovu, hariya hakurya ku rushahi ahaguye abatutsi benshi cyane baruta kure bariya bishwe muri genocide ya 1994.
    Nye rero, Mwalimu, umwanditsi, umushakashatsi,inararibonye mu bibazo by’urwanda, sinatinya kuvuga ko kiriya kibazo kiri hagati ya Jeannette n’umuagbo we , gishobora kuzamena amaraso menshi cyane.
    Umuntu wese uzagerageza kugira icyo akivugaho, avuga ibyo kagame adakunda cyangwa atifuza ko bivugwa , aba bantu bose bazicwa.
    Nti muzatangare cyangwa ngo mutungurwe muramutse mwunvishe vuba aha, ko hari abategetsi benshi bagiye gutangira kwirukanwa mu myanya y’ubutegetsi bazira gusa amagambo mabi bazaba bitirirwa ko bavuze umuryango wa kagame.
    Hari nabandi bazicwa , abandi banyerezwe kubera kiriya kibazo.
    Inama nagira abantu bari hafi ya Kagame, nuko kiriya kibazo bacyitondera , bagaceceka ahubwo bagasaba Imana mu nsengero zose bayobotse ikakibonera igisubizo.
    Hari aba Perezida benshi bategeka ibihugu kandi nta bagore bafite, urugero ni Daniel Toroitije Arap Moi wa Kenya, yategese imyaka myinshi kandi yaratanye numugore.
    Ikindi kandi, aba perezida benshi bo kwisi, nubwo batavuga bose, cyangwa benshi, baba bafitanye ibibazo n’abagore babo.
    Sinarangiza ntibikuje ko Habyarimana Yuvena nawe yasambanaga cyane, kugeza n’ubwo abyarana abana n’abagore bavukana n’umugore we kandi barashatse bafite ingo zabo.
    Abo bana Habyarimana yabyaye barazwi , barahari, usibye nyine ko bitavugwaga kumugaragaro.
    Kandi n’umugore wa Habyarimana nawe yarahukanaga kuburyo abakuru bibuka ukuntu yigeze kwahukanira ku gisonga cya Papa ikigali.
    Iyo ngerageje kujya mu mateka y’u Rwanda, nsanga
    Paul Kagame hari byinshi ahuje n’abami babiri bigeze gutegeka u Rwanda.
    Nibura 55 % Kagame abisangiye n’umwami witwa Yuhi Mazimpaka wa gatatu wabayeho hagati ya 1642-1675 na ho 45 % kagame akabihuza na Rwabugiri ( Kigeri Rwabugiri ariwe sezisoni nawe wabayeho 1853-1895,
    Imyitwarire,imyumvire n’imitegekere barayihuje rwose
    Mu Rwanda nta muntu numwe ushobora kugira inama Paul kagame, nta nushobora kumutinyuka kuko abantu bose yabateye ubwoba. Uwakwibeshya akagira icyo ahingutsa ubwo niwe wahita yicwa mbere yabandi.
    Ariko nti hashobora kubura abazungu b’inshuti zabo, inshuti z’umuryango bashobora kuza kubasaba kubonera kiriya kibazo igisubo giciye mu mahoro.
    Izo nshuti zitabonetse muli Isarael zaboneka muli amerika ariko njye navanyeho amaboko; kuko umukobwa watakaje ubusugi biba byarangiye kitwa umukobwa w’umutima.



    Tirikomonasi (Trichomonase) ni indwara yo mu myanya ndangagitsina itera kubabuka mu gitsina (inflammation). Iyi ndwara igira ibimenyetso bimwe na bimwe ihuriyeho n’izindi ndwara zandurira mu mibonano mpuzabitsina.

    20-35% by’abagore bari hagati y imyaka 16 na 35 bahura n’iyi ndwara, undi mubare w’abantu benshi, cyane cyane abagabo bagendana udukoko twanduza iyi ndwara batanabizi. Umunani ku ijana (8%) by’abagabo bayirwaye bababuka mu muyoboro w’igitsina. Iyi ndwara kandi gashobora no kugaragara mu kanywa ndetse no mu kibuno igihe hamwe muri aha hagize aho hahurira n’igitsina cy’umuntu urwaye.

    Aka gakoko gakunda ahantu hahehereye (milieu humide) hafite ubushyuhe buri hagati ya 35 na 37oC. Gashobora kumara amasaha agera kuri 24 mu nkari cyangwa mu masohoro (sperme) katarapfa. Umuryango Mpuzamahanga wita ku buzima, OMS yashyize hanze ikegeranyo kigaragaza ko byibura Tirikomonasi iboneka kuri miliyoni 170 z’abatuye isi buri mwaka. Ibimenyetso by’iyi ndwara bitangira kugaragara hagati y’iminsi 5 na 28 umuntu ayanduye.


    – Igitsina gisohokamo ibintu bijya kumera nk’amashyira, bigasohoka mu buryo budasanzwe ndetse bikagira n’impumuro mbi kandi idasanzwe.

    – Mu gitsina harababuka, hakocyerwa ndetse mu ntangiriro z’iyi ndwara umuntu aba yumva ashaka kwishimamo.

    – Nyuma umuntu atangira kubabara igihe arimo kwihagarika ndetse n’igihe cy’imibonano mpuzabitsina.

    – Uburyaryate no kwishimagura mu gitsina

    – Kubangamirwa mu igihe cyo gukora imibonano

    – Kuribwa mu kiziba cy’inda kuri bamwe.

    Ibi bimenyetso akenshi birijyana hagati y iminsi 5 na 28 ku bagore. Gusa iyo bigiye ukibwira ko indwara yikijije, utarigeze uyivuza neza uba wikururira ibyago bikurikira:

    – Iyo atwite ingobyi y’umwana ishobora gufunguka bityo agakuramo inda

    – Iyo umwana avutse ayivukanye aba afite ibyago byo kutageza imyaka 5 mu gihe atavuwe

    – Umugore ufite iyi ndwara ahorana udusebe mu gitsina bityo kwandura SIDA bikaba byoroshye.


    Abagabo ntibakunze kugaragaza ibimenyetso ko barwaye. Hari igihe usanga babana n’aka gakoko ntacyo kabatwaye (porteur sain) ariko bakaba bakanduza. Abandi bashobora kugaragaza ibi bimenyetso:

    – Mu mwenge w’igitsina ndetse no ku mutwe wacyo haratukura,hagatangira no kubabara.

    – Kubabara cyane umuntu ari kwihagarika.

    – Kwihagarika ibintu bisa n’amashyira bireduka,ndetse nyuma umuntu akaba yakwihagarika n’amaraso.


    Iyi ndwara iterwa n’agakoko ko mu bwoko bwa mikorobe kitwa “Trichomonas vaginalis”. Aka gakoko kagaragara mu rurenda rwo mu gitsina ku bagore ndetse no mu nkari cyane cyane za mu gitondo ku bagabo hakoreshejwe mikorosikope.


    Iyi ndwara yandurira mu mibonano mpuzabitsina idakingiye,ni naho ha mbere yandurira cyane cyane. Iyi ni yo mpamvu iyi ndwara ishyirwa mu bwoko bw’imitezi (indwara zandurira mu mibonano mpuzabitsina).

    Aka gakoko gakunda ahantu hahehereye, umuntu ashobora kwandura igihe habayeho gusangira ibikoresho bimwe na bimwe nk’isume (essui- mains), impapuro z’isuku mu bwiherero zakozweho n’umuntu ufite aka gakoko, kwicara ku bwiherero bwicaweho n’umuntu wanduye, kwambarana imyenda, kurarana mu buriri bumwe, gusangira imyenda yo kogana (bikini), sauna, intoki zakoze ku gitsina ntizisukurwe…


    Hamwe mu hantu iyi ndwara yandurira ni mu mibonano mpuzabitsina idakingiye. Ni ukuvuga ko bumwe mu buryo bwo kuyirinda ari ugukoresha agakingirizo ndetse no kwifata. Ikindi ni ukugira isuku haba mu bwiherero,ku ntoki cg imyenda ifite aho ihurira n’igitsina.

    Umuntu uyirwaye agomba kugerageza kumesa n’amazi ashyushye imyenda ye yose y’imbere ndetse akayanika ku zuba, gusukura amashuka n’isume hakoreshejwe amazi ashyushye, akagira isuku ihagije muri rusange kugira ngo atanduza abandi.


    – Ibuka agakingirizo igihe cyose ukoze imibonano mpuzabitsina.

    – Irinde guca inyuma uwo mwashakanye, niba uri ingaragu wifate.

    – Ku bagore, irinde gusangira imyenda y imbere, ibikoresho byo kogeramo, ibitambaro mwihanaguza, ndetse n imisarane bicaraho ya rusange uyirinde mu gihe bishoboka.

    – Mu gihe ukeka ko wanduye ihutire kwivuza kandi ntugakore imibonano mu gihe utarakira neza.

    – Niba umenyeko wanduye bwira uwo mwakoranye imibonano nawe yivuze.

    Zimwe mu ngaruka umuntu agaragaza iyo ativuje cyangwa atavuwe neza iyi ndwara

    Ubugumba, ububabare buhoraho mu nda yo hasi, umugore ashobora gusamira hanze ya nyababyeyi bityo hakabaho kuvamo kw’inda za hato na hato ndetse no kubyara abana batujuje amezi 9 cyangwa ibiro bike cyane.

    Ngaho rero irinde kuruta uko wazivuza. Niba kandi waranduye iyi ndwara ihutire kwivuza utazahura n’ingorane zikomeye.


    My biggest downfall is that I assume everyone has the same heart as me. And I’m not just talking about romantic relationships. I see things in people that they don’t see in themselves. I see the good in them that they already see, and I see the good that they don’t.

    I see the bad in people, and I want to believe that they have the power to overcome it. I learn to love the bad in them as much as I’ve learnt to love the good.

    I learn to love every piece of a person.

    I see how they light up when they talk about certain subjects, and I see how they shy away from others.

    And the biggest lesson that I’ve learnt in the past few weeks is that not everyone has the same heart as you. Not everybody is able to see the good and bad in you, and still love you unconditionally like you do for them. And loving those people anyway, can leave you more vulnerable than you realize you ever were.


    Paul Kagame azavaho ate azahaho ryali , azabanwaho nande ?

    Kuvuga uburyo abapereza bazavaho n’igihe bazaviraho, kugeza ubu ni umwihariko wanjye jyenyine, nta n’undi wigeze abigerageza usibye jye gusa.

    Cya gihe mwari muntegerejeho cyageze, ndavuga kubabwira uburyo Mwalimu yateganyije kubagezaho ivanwaho rya Paul Kagame no gusenya burundu ishyaka rya FPR.
    Kuri jye rero, barya bantu bakora poritiki ishingiye ku ntambara, mbafata nk’abantu batagifite ubushobozi bwo gukemura ibibazo by’u Rwanda bakoresheje ugutekereza.
    Ndavuga abantu bamaze imyaka baririmba, batwumvisha ko ngo bazatera u Rwanda , ngo bazavanaho Paul Kagame bakoresheje intambara.

    Jye ndemeza ko abifuza gukemura ibibazo by’u Rwanda batewe ne Paul Kagame na FPR ye bakoresheje intambara, aba bantu mbona nta bitekerezo bihagije bafite, ntibanazi aho isi igeze. Simpakanye kandi simbambuye uburenganzira bwabo bwo gutekereza, ariko jye Mwalimu n’ubushobozi bwanjye , numva hari byinshi mbarusha , harimo uburyo bwinshi jye mbona ko bushobora gukoreshwa mu gukemura ibibazo by’u Rwanda bakururiwe na Kagame.

    Abifuza kunyura mu ntambara , ndakeka ko bagomba kubanza kwibuka ibi bikurikira :
    1. Kuki bagomba gukoresha intambara imena amaraso ?
    2. Ayo maraso azameneka ni aya bande ?
    3. Iyo ntambara izamara igihe kingana gite ? Ko iya FPR ubwo yateraga u Rwanda yamaze imyaka ine , ikarangizwa na jenoside yahesheje Kagame ijambo no kumushyira ku butegetsi ?
    4. Abazarwana iyo ntambara ni bande ? Ibibazo bihari bidashobora gukemuka hatabaye intambara ni ibihe ?
    5. Nyuma y’iyo ntambara turifuza umutegetsi umeze ate ? Akoresheje ubuhe butegetsi bwabera bose ?
    6. Abahutu kimwe n’abatutsi bakumva bate iyo ntambara ?
    7. Abacitse ku icumu ry’interahamwe , kimwe n’abacitse ku icumu rya FPR n’ingabo za Kagame, bo iyo ntambara bayumva bate ?

    Singombwa ko nkomeza kubarura ibibazo bigomba gutekerezwaho kuko ari byinshi, gusa reka ngire bike ndangirizaho mbabaza :
    1. Mbese hari umuntu ku giti cye wifuza intambara kugira ngo bimugeze ku butegetsi ari we usimbura Paul Kagame ?
    2. Hari ishyaka rya poritiki se ryifuza intambara kugira ngo ribashe kuvanaho FPR maze ari ryo rijya ku butegetsi ?
    3. Ni amaraso angana ate, abo bifuza intambara bumva yameneka kugira ngo ibibazo byabo bikemuke.

    Reka mvuge ko aba batekereza batya ari uburenganzira bwabo, gusa reka noneho nanjye nkoreshe uburenganzira bwanjye bwo kwerekana inzira zakoreshwa mu gukemura ibibazo by’u Rwanda :

    Icya mbere :
    ibibazo abanyarwanda bose bafite bigomba kumenyekana mbere y’uko bishakirwa umuti.
    Icya kabiri :
    Abatera ibyo bibazo, bose bagomba kumenyekana kugira ngo bavanwe mu nzira.
    Icya gatatu :
    Ingufu abo bantu batera ibibazo bakoresha zigomba kumenyekana kugira ngo zisenywe burundu.
    Icya kane :
    Abaturage bitirirwa ko ari bo bavugirwa, na bo bagomba kugira uruhari mu gukemura ibyo bibazo.

    Kuri jye Mwalimu , n’ubunararibonye bwanjye, mbona ibibazo by’u Rwanda ari ibihe ?
    kandi numva byakemuka bite ?
    Ikibazo cya mbere ni ikinyoma cyoretse abanyarwanda , aha jye nta muti ngifitiye, ariko wenda abandi bandusha kukibonera umuti.
    Ikibazo cya kabiri :
    Ni inyota yo kwihorera, inzika n’nzigo byoretse imitima ya benshi mu banyarwanda.
    Icya gatatu :
    Guhakwa no guhakirizwa , gushyira ibifu imbere kurusha inyungu z’abaturage na cyo ni ikindi kibazo cyoretse u Rwanda .
    Icya kane :
    Kugambana no kuba abanyeporitiki bavuga ibyo batemera , nyuma bikakurura isenyuka ry’igihugu nkuko byagiye bigenda mu myaka yashize.
    Icya gatanu,
    1. ubutegetsi budatanga demokarasi,
    2. ntibutange ubutabera bwa bose,
    3. kubuza amashyaka ubwisanzure buhagije
    4. kudaha abanyamakuru uburenganzira busesuye
    5. kubuza abaturage kuvuga ibibababaza , bataryojwe ibyo baba bagaragarije mu ruhame.
    6. Ubujura bukorwa na leta
    7. Ubujura bukorwa n’abategetsi bo mu nzego zo hejuru.
    8. Kwigwizaho imutungo yibwe leta , cyangwa yabonetse mu buryo budafututse harimo na ruswa, ni ntambara zamennye amaraso y’abanyarwanda.
    9. Kwica urubuzo no kunyuruza abaturage .
    10. Kwambura abaturage uburenganzira bwo kwibona mu gihugu cyabo , kwishyira no kwizana mu muco wabo, mu bwoko bwabo, n’ibindi bibaranga ariko bidafite aho bibangamiye amategeko y’igihugu, n’amategeko mpuzamahanga.
    11. Kwambura abanyarwanda ubumuntu bwabo

    Ni nde ubuza abaturage amahoro :
    1.Kugeza ubu, Paul Kagame n’ishyaka rye rya FPR, n’agatsiko ke kaboneka mu ngabo z’igihugu, ni bamwe mu bari ku isonga mu kubuza abaturage amahoro.

    2.Paul Kagame ni we wishe abantu benshi bo mu gihugu cye , yishe abahutu , yica abatutsi, yica abatwa , kandi aracyafite inyota yo gukomeza kubica kuko ataragera ku mubare w’abo yiyemeje kurimbura.

    3.Paul Kagame asigaye avuga kenshi ko yumva akiribwaribwa ; ko yifuza uwagira icyo akora kugira ngo amutsembane n’abe.
    Iyi mvugo ya Paul Kagame asigaranye nyuma y’imyaka 22 FPR igeze ku butegetsi na 26 FPR iteye u Rwanda, iragaragaza ko ikibazo abanyarwanda bagomba guhagukira ari Paul Kagame.

    None Paul Kagame, niba nemeje ko ari we kibazo, abanyarwanda nabaha nama ki ?
    Buri muntu wese agomba kugira umusanzu we atanga, mu kwikiza icyo yise kandi abonamo ubutegetsi bubi.

    Singombwa rero gukoresha intambara mu kuvanaho Kagame, cyangwa gusenya igihugu ugambiriye gusenya FPR.

    Dore inzira zoroshye.

    Paul Kagame ni we muperezida kugeza ubu wishe abantu benshi ku isi, agomba gufatwa agashyikiriwa inkiko.

    1.Ugufatwa kwa Paul Kagame kugomba kugendana n‘abasirikare be bo hejuru bafite ibiganza byuzuye amaraso y’abanyarwanda, abo basirikare 65 bose amadosiye yabo yarakozwe , arahari, turayafite , igihe icyo ari cyo cyose bazafatwa kandi bazashyikirizwa inkiko.

    2. Abasivile 120 bakoranye na Paul Kagame mu kwica abantu, na bo amadosiye yabo yarakozwe, arahari na bo bazafatwa bashyikirizwe inkiko. Hasigaye igihe gito gusa.
    3.Buri muturage , yaba umuhutu, umutwa cyangwa umututsi, asabwe kwibukiranya n’abe,kandi bavuga rumwe, abantu bo mu muryango we bishwe cyangwa bicishijwe na Paul Kagame.
    4. Buri muntu, yaba mu Rwanda cyangwa mu mahanga, agomba kubwira abana be , cyangwa abandi bamwegereye , umubare w’abantu be bishwe na Paul Kagame afatanyije n’ingabo ze.
    5. Abatazi kwandika , bagomba kubwira abana babo, ibyo bibuka byose byakozwe na FPR byerekeranye no kurimbura abanyarwanda byakozwe na Paul Kagame n’ingabo ze kuva 1990-2016 .

    Imyigaragambyo ishobora kwihutisha ukuvaho kwa Paul Kagame, kimwe n’isenyuka ryihuse rya FPR kurusha intambara:
    Uwakwibeshya ni uwavuga ko abaturage bazahora mu bwoba batewe na FPR kugeza ubuziraherezo.

    Hari umunsi , sinzi uwo ari wo, ariko si kera, muzajya kubona mubone abaturage bose, igihugu cyose cyiroshye mu mihanda yose y’igihugu basaba ukuvaho kw’ingoma y’abishe urubozo, ya FPR iyobowe na Paul Kagame.

    1. Barya bagore b’abakene nyakujya , birirwa bicwa, baraswa urwagashinyaguro, bazira gucuruza ubucagucagu ku mutwe, kuri twa dutaro bikorera ku mitwe, huzuyeho udutunda, n’utuneke baba bikoreye, barya ni bamwe mu bazatangiza revolution izavanaho Paul Kagame, bikanabyara isenyuka burundu rya FPR.

    2. Barya bakene bambuwe amasambu yabo, bakamburwa ibishanga bahingagamo , bakabuzwa epfo na ruguru, na bo ni bamwe mu bazakoreshwa mu kuvanaho Paul Kagame, kandi bakanasenya ishyaka FPR.

    3. Barya banyeshuri bo mu mashuri yose,bashyizwe mu byiciro by’ubusumbane budasobanutse , ni bamwe mu bazahirika Paul Kagame kandi mu kanya gato.

    Kuvanaho Kagame no gusenya FPR ntibizakorwa n’abasirikare, cyangwa ingufu za gisirikare, nk’uko bamwe babikeka, cyangwa babyifuza, ntibazavanwaho n’abanyeporitiki cyangwa ingufu zabo, ahubwo Kagame azavanwaho n’amarira yabaturage bo yabujije amahwemo.

    1.Ukuvanaho Kagame no gusenyuka kw’ishyaka rya FPR, ibyo bintu bizafata igihe gito cyane ku isi, kuko mu masaha 48 gusa Kagame azaba yavuyeho, n’ishyaka rya FPR rizaba ryasenyutse, n’abategetsi bose ba FPR bazaba bashyizwe muri gereza abandi bahungiye mu bihugu duturanye. Uganda na Kongo

    2. Inzego z’ubutasi ntifuza kuvuga uyu munsi, ariko bikaba bibaye ngombwa ko ngira icyo mbivugaho kugira ngo mbahumurize, zakoze inyandiko strategique, cyangwa scenario zitandukanye, jye nkaba naragize amahirwe yo gusoma uko batekereza gukemura ibibazo by’u Rwanda. Bemeza ko Kagame azavanwaho mu gihe kitarenze amasaha 48, kandi ibihugu bikomeye, birimo Amerika, Ubwongereza, Ubufaransa , Ubudage , Uburusiya na Canada , bakazahita bakora itangazo ribuza inzego z’ubututegetsi kugira umuturage uwo ari we wese wakwicwa, cyangwa ngo ahohoterwe , kubera uruhari rwe mu kwigaragambya afanyije na bagenzi be bazaba basaba ihinduka ry’ubutegetsi mu Rwanda.

    Ibyabaye mu Misiri, ubwo abaturage basabaga ukuvanaho HosniMobarak, na mugenzi we witwa Mohamed Morsi, ubu bari muri gereza bazira guhutaza abaturage babasabaga kuvaho. Ni bimwe mu bizakoreshwa mu Rwanda, cyangwa bishobora gukoreshwa.
    Uwari perezida wa Bourkina Faso, Blaise Compaore yirukanywe n’imyigaragambyo y’abaturage . Muri Tuniziya, Perezida Zine bin Ally yirukanywe n’abaturage bakoze imyigaragambyo iturutse ku musore w’umushomeri wicururizaga amatunda ku gatebo nka kamwe k’abakene bo mu Rwanda, inzego z’umutekano zimukibise , bihita bibyara imyigaragambyo yavanyeho ubutegetsi. Muri Haïti, umuperezida w’umupadiri witwa Bertra Arstide yavanyweho n’imyigaragambyo y’abaturage.
    Muri make , ukuvaho kwa Kagame kwaratekerejwe, kwarateguwe, kwizwe neza, kandi kuzahera imbere mu gihugu , gukozwe n’abaturage batari abasirikare cyangwa abanyeporitiki.

    Igitangaje ni uko n’abo baturage bazakora imyigaragambyo ubu ntabwo biyizi, ntibanazi umunsi bazayikorera, ariko igihe kirazwi, kandi kizwi n’abateguye ibi byose mbabwiye. Nta gihe gisigaye.
    Ikindi ntashatse kuvuga, ni uko no mu gisirikare cya Kagame barya basirikare batagira ipete, barya bo hasi cyane batagira ijambo, bashobora kudutungura, na bo bakaba batanga igisubizo kitunogeye ariko cyo kitateguwe, kandi kitatekerejwe n’amahanga.

    Ibyo ari byo byose, haboneka igisubizo, kivuye muri zirya nzira navuze, cyangwa kivuye ku basirikare bafite ubutwari buruta ubwa ba bajenerari ba Kagame batagira ijambo, bamwe yirirwa akubita, acira mu maso, abafata nk’abakozi bo mu rugo rwe kandi yagombye kububahira ko ari abakozi b’igihugu nka we, byose bizaba byuzuza ibyo abazungu batekereje.

    Kuri jye Kagame ntabwo ari ikibazo gikomeye, nkuko n’ubundi jye nemereye abanyarwanda ko nzamufata, nkamushyikiriza ubutabera. Igihe cyose Kagame azafatirwa byanze bikunze ni uko nzaba nabigizemo uruhari. Ndi umwe mu bamukoreye amadosiye, ndi umwe mu bakusanyije ibimenyetso byose bimufata,
    Nta n’uwamushyikiriza ubutabera , atanyuzeho kuko ndi umwe mu bantu bake bamaze imyaka hafi 26 negeranya ibimenyetso byose byerekeranye n’ubwicanyi Kagame yakoreye abanyarwanda.
    Ukumufata rero , ndumva byo mwabimparira kuko mbishoboye.
    Ubwo tuzahure ubutahe, mu isesengura ndimo mbategurira nzaba mbagezaho icyo Kagame yakora kugira ngo we ubwe n’abiwe tubizeze umutekano aramutse yemeye kuvaho neza. Ukuvaho kwa Kagame, bisobanura ako kanya ugusenyuka kwa FPR, bisobanura ifatwa n’ifungwa ry’abategetsi bose uhereye mu kagari , umudugudu,akarere, intara, igihugu cyose.

    Barya bantu bose, baba abariho n’abavuyeho, ukuvaho kwa Kagame, bisobanura ko bose abaturage bazahita babafata, bakabashyikiriza ubutegetsi, bivuze ko abafashije FPR bose kuva 1994 kugeza uyu munsi aho baba bari hose, inzego baba barimo zoze, bazafatwa kuko abaturage barabazi. Gereza zigomba kwitegura kwakira igihiriri cy’abantu benshi bagiriye nabi abaturage. Ibi niko byagenze muri Bourkina Fasso, Tuniziya, Misiri, Haïti n’ahandi.

    Nshatse navuga ko mennye ibanga, ariko kandi nta n’ubwo ari ibanga mennye, kuko ibi mbabwiye muzabibona vuba cyane, kandi cyane. Ndaribwaribwa, nta mwanya agifite wo kwica abo atabyaye.

    NB : Ariko muramenye mutazavanaho Kagame mukamusimbuza undi muntu mubi kurusha Kagame; cyangwa mukamusimbuza umuntu wari ufite ibiganza byuzuye arya maraso y’abanyarwanda turimo dushinja Paul Kagame.

    Umwihariko wanjye ni uwuhe ?
    Kugeza ubu, ni jye muntu jyenyine mu karere k’ibiyaga bigari uzwiho gutanga igihe abakuru b’ibihugu bazaviraho n’uburyo bazavaho.
    Ni jye wabwiye Habyarimana uko azavaho n’igihe azaviraho.
    Ni jye wabwiye Ndadaye w’i Burundi uko azavaho n’igihe azaviraho
    Ni jye wabwiye Mobutu uko agiye kuvaho n’uburyo azavaho.
    Abantu bose bafashije Kagame na FPR kwica abaturage, abatazahita bafatwa , abenshi, abazabishobora ,bazahita bahungira i Buganda no muri Kongo, kuko ibihugu bya Tanzania n’u Burundi bitazabemerera kujya ku butaka bwabyo .

    Ndabizi mugiye kumbaza muti ni ryari; nta mezi 24 asigaye, ni ibintu biziruka cyane kandi cyane, abazungu babiteguye ku buryo butandukanye n’ibyabaye muri Ribiya, cyangwa Irake, Afganistan, yewe binatandukanye n’ibyabaye muri Zaïre.
    Akarengane k’abaturage, amarira yabo, ubukene, ni byo bizaturika .
    Umujinya abaturage bafite, agahinda kabuzuye mu mitima, ni byo bizaba igisubizo nk’uko nabivuze.
    Kubera ukwiheba bishingiye ku iterabwoba abanyarwanda bakorewe n’ingoma ya Kagame , harimo ukubica buri munsi, kubateza ubukene , kubanyuruza, no kubacecekesha burundu, abanyarwanda b’imbere mu gihugu bumva ko babayeho ubuzima bubi cyane, busa nk’aho buri inyuma y’ubw’abanyururu, bityo bakaba batumva ukuntu hazaboneka abantu bitangira abandi bakaba aba mbere mu kujya mu muhanda, kwamagana ingoma y’agahotozi , ingoma y’abicanyi, yishe abantu guhera 1990 kugeza uyu munsi.
    Aha rero ndagira ngo mbabwire ko icyo atari ikibazo cyanyu. Ubwo bwoba mufite, ayo marira yanyu, ako gahinda kanyu , isi yose irakazi.
    Abateguye kuzavanaho Kagame bakoresheje imyigaragambyo y’abaturage , ni bo bazi uko bizakorwa, igihe bizakorerwa n’uburyo bizakorwamo. Abazatangiza iyo myigaragambyo ntabwo bazaba ari abantu benshi, nta n’ubwo bazamenya ko imyigaragambyo batangije ari yo kuvanaho Kagame cyangwa gusenya ishyaka rya FPR.
    Muzajya kubona mubone umukecuru, umugore , umwana wicururizaga utuneke twe ku gatebo arakubiswe , arishwe, maze urwo rupfu rube rubaye intandaro ivanaho Paul Kagame. Muzajya kubona mubone abantu bo muri FPR basenyeye umutindi nyakujya , bataye ibintu bye hanze, cyangwa haboneke umurambo w’umuturage wari waraburiwe irengero,maze bihite bibyara imyigaragambyo ivanaho Paul Kagame.
    Ndagira ngo mbibutse ko imyigaragambyo ivanaho ubutegetsi nka buriya bwa Paul Kagame, ntabwo itegurwa, nta n’ubwo iba yaratekerejwe n’abaturage. Abaturage bajya kubona, bakabona akababaro kabo gahindutsemo revolution isenya ubutegetsi bwariho, bwari bwarabishe urubuzo.
    Inzego z’iperereza za biriya bihugu bikomeye, ni zo ziba zarateguye , uburyo bwose bushoboka kandi buzakoreshwa mu guhirika ubutegetsi. Barya bantu b’inkotanyi, barya bose bafite ibiganza byuzuye amaraso ntibashobora kumva ko ibi bishoboka, nta n’ubwo bashobora gutekereza ukuntu mu gihugu cya Misiri Hosni Moubarak yavuyeho, cyangwa ngo batekereza ukuntu Mouhamedi Morsi yavuyeho, n’ukuntu ubu bari muri gereza, yewe ntibanashobora gutekereza ukuntu muri Tuniziya Zine Benadine Ben Ally yavuyeho, ntibanashobora kwibuka ukuntu Blaise Compaore wategekaga Bourkina Fasso yavuyeho kandi ari bwo akiva mu Rwanda. Hari byinshi byagiye biba ahandi kandi inyuma yabyo hari ingufu z’amahanga zikoreshwa na scenario ziba zaratanzwe n’inzego z’ubutasi bw’ibyo bihugu.
    Icyo jye mbabwiye ni uko Paul Kagame, irya manda avuga ko yifuza kuzategeka muri 2017 atazayitegeka,kandi nawe n’ubwo adashaka kubivuga, arabizi .
    FPR yuzuyemo inkoramaraso nyinshi, ku buryo kumva ko zizavaho zikajyanwa mu nkiko , ibyo ntibumva ko bishoboka rwose. Muzarebe ibyirirwa byandikwa ku mbuga nkoranyambaga na za nkoramaraso zo muri FPR, usanga zigifite inyota yo kumena amaraso y’abanyarwanda. Ntibashaka gusaba imbabazi, ntibanashaka kwemera ko bakosheje.
    Twibutse ko ku isi yose, mu magereza yose, birabujijwe gukora imyigaragambyo, ariko iyo akarengane, n’ububabare bw’abafunzwe bumaze kugera ku kigero kidashobora kwihanganirwa, umunyururu umwe wahohotewe n’abacungagereza, ashobora gutuma bagenzi be batangiza imyigaragambyo yo kwifatanya na mugenzi wabo.
    Iyo, iyo myigaragambyo y’abanyururu yatangiye, akeshi ivanaho abategetsi bo hejuru barebana n’amagereza, harimo na ministre w’ubucamanza, cyangwa ministre w’ubutegetsi bw’igihugu, yewe na ministre ushinzwe umutekano w’igihugu ashobora kwirukanwa cyangwa kweguzwa. Ubwo kandi kugira ngo bigere kuri abo bo hejuru , ni uko abayobozi ba gereza bose baba barangije kwirukanwa, bivuye ku kantu gato cyane k’umunyururu wahohotewe ari umwe gusa. Ibi rero ni nako bimera mu buzima bw’abanyagihugu. Ndakeka ko byumvikanye bihagije .
    Ubihakana, nabitegereze, nyuma y’amezi 24 azabone kumbaza, ati Mwalimu bite ko ibyo watubwiye bitabaye.
    Abazungu burya ni abana babi, kandi bakaba abana beza, ntabwo ari bo bazadushakira ibisubizo, ariko bazadufasha kudukingira ingabo za Kagame muri ya masaha 48 nababwiye.
    Nta muntu uzwi wateganyijwe kuzasimbura Kagame, gusa hazajyaho umuntu uhumuriza abanyarwanda bose , Abahutu, Abatutsi n’Abatwa, bo mu moko yose no mu turere twose,
    Reka ndekera aha, kuko nzabaganirira ubutaha.



    salu mes buen aimé si je me clame pendant un bon moment au bord de la riviere, je verrai le cadavres de mes innemies ce se flotté a la surface ( maitre bilal).

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