Dictator Paul Kagame New Reshuffles

Rwandan Dictator Paul Kagame has reassigned former Special Forces commanders to serve in top positions at military training schools. Maj Gen Innocent Kabandana, who previously served as Special Operations Forces commander, has been appointed commandant Rwanda Military Academy, Gako. Kabandana replaces Brig Gen Ephrem Rurangwa who will now serve as Commandant Rwanda Military Hospital. In […]

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A very Happy New Year to All Rwandans!!

As we begin a new year of 2020, the Rwandan Political groups(95%) are not yet clear to where they stand in terms of ideology. This New year will have so many things happening, and we don’t want Rwandans to continue just following individuals that have No clear Political ideology. Its absurd when politicians mostly within […]

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Paul Kagame Media Manipulation

The Rwanda Dictator, Paul Kagame loves the media as its his main tool of misinformation, You see, Dictators love to be seen on TV. So we gonna be covering all African dictators in the region. I think they deserve their own show! The media in Rwanda is still very young and chocked to death- the […]

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Criminal Paul Kagame has been in tantrums of late…who’s been upsetting the Dictator of Rwanda? As Criminal Paul Kagame’s Chairmanship of the African Union is coming to an end. The notorious Rwandan dictator has been spending the nights making some funny noise that sounds like a baboon crying!. The criminal has now ordered all governments […]

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The Rwanda Opposition in Diaspora

Today when you look at the Rwanda political landscape, you’ll realise that, its being held together by Propaganda. Thus, Dictator Paul Kagame seems to be efficiently using the media, to trap the Rwanda political opposition based in diaspora. I’ve said it before here, that Criminal Paul Kagame plants fake stories in the media, to distract […]

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